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PROJECT NEWS: Incorporating the industry’s perspective to PICK-PLACE

In the past weeks, a new section has been incorporated to PICK-PLACE project’s website, the “Forum” section, which gives access to an online survey.

As explained in the Challenge and objectives section, the idea behind PICK-PLACE emerged from the lack of available solutions that answer the industry’s need to manipulate parts with high variability (in terms of size, shape or weight) or to do so in less structured environments.

In response to this challenge, PICK-PLACE proposes a multifunctional and flexible approach to variable object handling, combining human and robot capabilities. It includes developments in the areas of dynamic package configuration, flexible grasping strategies using a new multifunctional gripper, robust environment perception and mechanisms and strategies for human-robot collaboration.

Research conducted within the project (Deliverable 1.1: Extended end-users needs in pick-and-package applications. System specification) reveals that, in current manual picking solutions:

  • 5% of order references have errors, most common errors being,
    • 45% missing item
    • 30% mistaken item
    • 23% reading error
    • 2% Counting error

At this stage of the project, halfway through its completion, we would like to contrast our initial conclusions with the view of industrial companies. We are interested in two different profiles:

  • INTRALOGISTICS. Industrial companies with significant material handling and packaging needs as part of their processes.
  • HANDLING SOLUTIONS. Providers of handling and packaging equipment to industries that require them in their processes.

In order to reach out to these companies, the Forum section has been developed, together with an online survey. This survey can be adapted to be sent via email and used at offline events, such as fairs and conferences. If you work for a company that offers handling solutions or deals with intralogistics, please answer the questionnaire – doing so will take 15 minutes and we will use your email address to send you the most relevant conclusions of our research.

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