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Project Progress

This section was uploaded in September 2019 (M21):

WP1 Handling scenario analysis and specifications
T1.1 Deep pick-and-package needs. System specifications completed (M1-M8)
T1.2 Human factors’ analysis and motion planner settings in HRC completed (M3-M12)
T1.3 Pilot prototypes design completed (M3-M12)
WP2 Pick and package operation planning and control
T2.1 Human-aware packaging planning ongoing (M3-M24)
T2.2 Simulate environment for collaborative pick-and-packing completed (M9-M14)
T2.3 Pick-and-packing task scheduling and control completed (M9-M18)
WP3 Multifunctional gripper based flexible grasping
T3.1 Reactive grasping strategy completed (M4-M18)
T3.2 Multifunctional gripper design and control ongoing (M4-M24)
T3.3 Multifunctional gripper manufacturing and testing ongoing (M16-M30)
T3.4 Object identification and target outbound status monitoring ongoing (M4-M27)
WP4 Human-aware safe material handling
T4.1 Offline human-aware motion planning for optimal HRC ongoing (M7-M24)
T4.2 Online human-aware robot motion execution ongoing (M10-M24)
T4.3 Analysis of the human-in-the loop motion planning ongoing (M19-M24)
T4.4 Packaging area monitoring ongoing (M6-M27)
WP5 System deployment and process validation
T5.1 Revision of procedures and metrics for validation ongoing (M4-M30)
T5.2 Material preparation, System integration and deployment ongoing (M7-M30)
T5.3 System validation in realistic setup ongoing (M16-M36)
WP6 Dissemination and communication
T6.1 Communication strategy definition in detail completed (M1-M3)
T6.2 General public dissemination ongoing (M1-M36)
T6.3 Industry-oriented dissemination ongoing (M4-M36)
T6.4 Scientific dissemination ongoing (M13-M36)
WP7 Exploitation plan development
T7.1 Technology and Market Watch ongoing (M1-M36)
T7.2 Exploitation plan development ongoing (M4-M36)
WP8 Administrative and technical management
T8.1 Administration and methodologies for integrating project activities completed (M1-M4)
T8.2 Management and coordination ongoing (M1-M36)