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PROJECT NEWS: PICK-PLACE project’s kick-off meeting and upcoming activities

PICK-PLACE project’s kick-off meeting took place at ULMA HANDLING SYSTEM’s facilities (located in Oñati, Basque Country, Spain) on January 30-31 2018. Representatives from all partners involved in the consortium traveled to the coordinator’s headquarters. According to Leire Zubia, project coordinator, and Oier Álvarez, both from ULMA HANDLING SYSTEMS: The main goal of the PICK-PLACE project is to develop human speed manipulators able to grasp and handle complex objects. We’re happy with …Read More

PICK-PLACE: A new concept for a hybrid pick-and-place solution

Six European partners coordinated by ULMA HANDLING SYSTEMS will develop a new concept for a safe, flexible, efficient and dependable hybrid pick-and-place solution. The project – PICK-PLACE – will last for 36 months, has a total budget of 3.085 million euros and has received funding from the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, under grant agreement No. 780488. Picking, placing and packaging are basic operations in most robotic applications, …Read More