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PICK-PLACE focuses on flexible, safe and dependable robotic part-handling in industrial environments. The project proposes a combination of human and robot capabilities in order to achieve this efficient hybrid pick-and-place / pick-and-package solution. It includes dynamic package configuration, flexible grasping strategies using an innovative multifunctional gripper, robust environment perception and mechanisms and strategies for human-robot collaboration.

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ERF 2019: A summary

Last month, some members of the PICK-PLACE consortium attended the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2019, which took place in Bucharest (Romania), on March 20-22 2019. The Forum has been an excellent occasion to learn about the latest innovations in the field, and has provided interesting feedback for our project. Ander Iriondo, researcher at IK4-TEKNIKER, answers the interview.

As IK4-TEKNIKER, why did you decide to attend ERF 2019?

ERF is a reference forum of robotics in Europe, in which experts from different research and industrial centres meet once a year to share their current results and advancements in robotics field.

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Partner profile: Fraunhofer IFF

In this series, members of the PICK-PLACE consortium are portrayed. After TOFAŞULMA Handling SystemsMondragon AssemblyIK4-TEKNIKER and CNR-STIIMA, the last partner profile is dedicated to Fraunhofer IFF. Senior research scientist Veit Müller answers the interview.

What is Fraunhofer IFF?

The Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF is an autonomous institute in the nonprofit Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest applied research organization in Europe. The Fraunhofer IFF specializes in research and development in the fields of robotics, sensor systems, virtual engineering, logistics, and process and plant management. The Fraunhofer IFF’s Robotic System Business Unit is involved in the PICK-PLACE project.

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