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PICK-PLACE focuses on flexible, safe and dependable robotic part-handling in industrial environments. The project proposes a combination of human and robot capabilities in order to achieve this efficient hybrid pick-and-place / pick-and-package solution. It includes dynamic package configuration, flexible grasping strategies using an innovative multifunctional gripper, robust environment perception and mechanisms and strategies for human-robot collaboration.

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LOGIMAT 2019: A summary

Last month, some members of the PICK-PLACE consortium attended LOGIMAT 2019 fair (Stuttgart, Germany, 18-21 February 2019). The fair has been an excellent occasion to learn more about the latest trends in the sector, and has provided interesting feedback for our project. Oier Álvarez, Research and Innovation engineer at ULMA Handling Systems, answers the interview.

As ULMA Handling Systems, why did you decide to attend LOGIMAT 2019 fair?

ULMA Handling Systems has attended this fair since 2015, the last two years exhibiting our own machinery in the stand.

From the logistic point of view, LOGIMAT is the most important fair in Europe and one of the most recognized events around the world. 

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Partner profile: CNR-STIIMA

In this series, members of the PICK-PLACE consortium are portrayed. After TOFAŞ ULMA Handling Systems, Mondragon Assembly and IK4-TEKNIKER it’s the turn of CNR-STIIMA. Researcher Manuel Beschi answers the interview.


The Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing (STIIMA) belongs to the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), the largest public research center in Italy.

The research activities of STIIMA are focused on the Manufacturing sector, which is a fundamental pillar for the technological progress and economic and social prosperity of modern countries. The strategic goal of CNR-STIIMA is to support the manufacturing sector competitiveness through innovation of factories and their relative production, thus enhancing man’s knowledge and innovation skills.

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