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Mondragon Assembly it is a cooperative company that designs and manufactures systems and equipment for process automation. Mondragon Assembly is in the market for over 40 years providing, in narrow collaboration with clients, cost effective solutions in accordance with their needs of automation of the assembly processes. Main sectors of activity for Mondragon Assembly are the following ones: Automotive, household appliances, photovoltaic, medical and cosmetic. Machinery developing for these cutting-edge sectors involves wide range of technologies to be implemented and very precise control-monitoring techniques have to be handled.

Advanced robotics has been defined as strategic in Mondragon Assembly Group, because of huge growing expected in the “automation of everything” in the manufacturing sector, but also because of expected growth of automation on distribution sector in near future, in order to achieve needed cost reductions. Mondragon Assembly has been participating in national projects for Advanced Robotics.

Mondragon Assembly has participated in other European Projects such HINMICO (www.hinmico.eu) and Productive 4.0 (www.productive40.eu)

The main role of Mondragon Assembly in PICKPLACE project is to design and manufacture a multifunctional gripper