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Ander Iriondo, Elena Lazkano, Loreto Susperregi, Julen Urain, Ane Fernández and Jorge Molina.

“Pick and Place Operations in Logistics Using a Mobile Manipulator Controlled with Deep Reinforcement Learning”.

Applied Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 2, Page 348, 2019.

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Marco Faroni, Manuel Beschi and Antonio Visioli. 

“Predictive Inverse Kinematics for Redundant Manipulators: Evaluation in Re-Planning Scenarios”. 

IFAC PapersOnLine 51-22, Pages 238–243, 2018.

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Accepted papers, pending publication:

  • “Multimodal Bin Picking System with Compliant Tactile Sensor Arrays for Flexible Part Handling”.

Submitted papers, pending acceptance:

  • “An MPC Framework for Online Motion Planning in Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks”.